Welcome To Weekends In My Kitchen

There comes a time when you need to take a step back, take a deep breath and prepare to leap. There isn’t a net, there’s isn’t a parachute, it’s just you and your dream, your passion. Finally you exhale and then you realize you’ve done it. That’s how I feel about this blog. I’ve been around the blogging block a few times and I’ve been around the novel-writing block a few times but the one thing that has remained a constant has been my love for cooking. A couple of years ago I believed that I knew what kind of food blog I wanted…turns out I wasn’t completely right. I thought I needed an angle, a hook and up to a few days ago I believed that. After all, who would want to read my food blog? What could I possibly bring to “the table”? I didn’t go to culinary school and I’ve never written professionally about food. So, essentially I got no cooking cred.

But I do have a deep love for cooking and baking. Is that enough in a world where there are thousands of food blogs?

I guess we’ll see.

Let me take a moment to introduce myself. My name is Debra. I live and work in Connecticut. I find salvation, refuge and inspiration in my kitchen. Life can be hectic. The one thing I learned from my other food blog was that I needed to create a schedule that worked for me. I realized that I am able to spend more time cooking on the weekends, which leaves me time to take photographs, write my posts and get through the week without stressing out. The result is this brand new blog, Weekends In My Kitchen.

I’ll share my successes (with the recipes) and the failures (yes, with all the gory details)in my kitchen and photographs of my pups. Let me introduce you to Susie and Billy.

Susie. She just turned 10.

Billy April 2010 004

Billy. He just turned 9.

Billy April 2010 010

There’s a lot to be done with starting a new blog and for a food blog I must cook. 🙂 But before that, I must grocery shop. I did some serious damage in the produce section. I couldn’t resist the beets. I love them roasted.

031514Vegetables 006

As I write this I’m finding that leaping isn’t a bad thing. I’m excited now. I feel that this new home is where I belong. There are so many ideas of what I want to do, what I want to cook. Now I’m off to the kitchen and I hope that you’ll stop by again to check out what’s been going on during the Weekends In My Kitchen.

Have a wonderful weekend!